LAMP server interaction with Android Device

During app development you may be interacting with local servers such as LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP). Every one knows how to interact with local server with computer. But weird thing is how to interact it using Android Device.

It is simple, go through steps below,

1) Get the ip address of your laptop / desktop by

$ sudo ifconfig

HINT : inet addr: is your ip address

2) Make sure your device has internet, and open any preferred browser in your android device, to start interacting with LAMP type address as below

NOTE : Make sure your device has Internet.

For more on LAMP server click here and here

Thats it.


Android Resources for Android Developers

Here I will share some links which may be useful for Android App developers.

Pros : It is always safer and good habit to keep references to valuable resources at cloud instead of often bookmarking and finally making browser as bin

Cons : I had bad experience, once I gave link as an answer for a question at SO, it resulted me to loss my valuable 5 reputations. Links may not be available in future or may be down.

Let us start,

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I hope I will update this list…