Everybody expects their phone to do tasks automatically. This keeps away from manually handling the device. BQuiet is an automation app that makes the device quiet(mute) for certain period and informs device state to anyone who tries to contact the device during quiet period. This way it makes two benefits


1) Your device is muted for your desired time period.

2) It informs state of your device to any one who tries to connect.

Google Geofence technology adds the powerful feature to this app. Let us assume a scenario, you need to mute your device when you are attending a meeting, this can be done by virtually creating a fence around your office. BQuiet makes this fence as your boundary and mutes your device when you are inside the fence and unmutes when you get out of fence. BQuiet does not share or track your location.


Information is transmitted to others via SMS, however your network service provider will charge for your SMS. You can also send custom SMS to others. 

Passcode feature makes this app private to you. Hence BQuiet is the must have app for anyone. You can get it from Google Play @BQuiet

BQuiet team expects valuable feed backs from its users.

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