You all may be wondering why this Linux guy try to tell some thing about Windows. But the truth is Everybody will start working with computer only using WINDOWS at beginning. But still I will not support WINDOWS due to….. Today I encountered a big problem… My laptop is dual bootable holds lovable Linux and hate – able Windows. After long time I booted my laptop using Windows and while shutting down it started configuring updates…blah..blah…(which I was postponing from the last month to save my time). But when I rebooted once again with Windows 7 I can see all the initial steps as normal and my machine started applying updates but it got hang at certain point prompting as follows…

“Setting up Personalized settings for :

Web platform Customizations”

You may google and learn more about the same. I waited for some time, but still same problem persists. It grabbed much more time. So as per Windows support team I followed this. But nothing worked for me, as per the Method 3: suggested by the Support Engineer, I planned to restore my system. But I faced another problem, I followed everything as per the given procedure, at last it prompted me to give password for the user (not even Administrator’s password) I feel shy to say that I don’t know my own password šŸ˜‰

So I decided to acheive this in some other way.. At last a youtube video helped me. Actually I wrote this blog only to reveal this top secret to you all šŸ˜‰ As per the video,

1) Turn ON system at Safe mode with command prompt option(this can be achieved only holding F8 key before Windows logo gets displayed during boot up).

2) Your system will boot up normally and finally it will through you in windows command prompt

3) Follow each stop as below inside command prompt

blah> cd \Windows\System32\restore

blah> rstrui

Whereas, rstrui stands for restore user interface

4) You will see normal restore screen and after selecting the appropriate restore point your system will start to restore before to that point.

Easy ….?!


Update: After restoring my system worked fine but, again the same updates made me crazy and I followed previous procedure.

Moral of Story : Skip such updates before they mess-up your system and be patient till the windows guys trigger out some solution for this particular problem (As for as my knowledge I was not able to get any solution from any search engine &&& I will appreciate anyone comes with solution).


Update : 04 / 07 / 2013

Hi again, this same update made same problem. But this time I saw some other solution to solve this. But I don’t know whether this solutions will help me from any threads in future.

Steps as follow,

1) When the same black screen prompting

“Setting up Personalized settings for :

Web platform Customizations”

appears, press (Ctrl + Alt + Del) at a same time.

2) As normal you will see a screen with options like lock, log off, change password, and start task manager.

3) Select “Start Task Manager”, it will throw you in task manager screen

4) Select “New task”

5) Then a new will appears, type “cmd” and press “OK”

6) Now after getting command prompt type this command shutdown/r.

7) You will see a notification saying that Windows will shutdown in less than a minute.

8) After restart your Windows will work normally……!



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